Ratsasan Movie Download is one of the best thriller movies ever made in the Indian Cinemas. Ratsasan movie has several other factors such as emotions, thrill, suspense, and lots of entertainment. The Ratsasan movie has a tight grip on the screenplay and also keeps engaging the viewers till the end. The movie begins with a simple storyline and ends with a great and satisfying climax. 

Several movies fall in the same genre of Ratsasan but none of those movies promise such a thrilling experience. Ratsasan movie was made in Tamil and released on October 5, 2018. The movie was made with a small budget it attracted the audience and emerged as a box-office winner. Moreover, Ratsasan movie was later considered for Remake by different film industries like Telugu and Hindi. 

The Ratsasan movie cast Vishnu as SI Arun Kumar played the lead character in this movie. Vishnu's performance and his emotions in this movie are notable. So, if you are looking for the perfect edge-of-the-seat thriller movie then Ratsasan movie is the best choice. 

Ratsasan Movie Storyline

The movie starts with a horrifying murder scene, then the movie focuses on a struggling assistant director Arun Kumar, who narrates his scripts to several producers with his thrilling narrative style. Despite his struggle, Arun fails to impress the producers. As usual, Arun finds huge family pressure to become a cop, earlier Arun’s late father served as a Cop. 

Ultimately now Arun was the wrong man in the worker's paradise and on the same day of joining he fetches a mysterious murder case. The series of murders is related to the school-going girls and the murder does not get any lead until Si Arun gets involved in this case. The case becomes more serious when it impacts SI Arun Kumar emotionally and mentally. Now how SI Arun will solve this mysterious puzzle is the real movie plot. 

Ratsasan Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla

Ratsasan movie is available in Hindi if you find it difficult in understanding the Tamil language. This movie is also remade in Hindi titled Cuttiputlli. But if you are looking to enjoy the movie in its original language then Filmyzilla can be helpful. The Hindi dubbed version of Ratsasan movie is available on Filmyzilla in HD quality with other resolutions like 720p 480p 1080p. 

Ratsasan movie is easy to download all you need to do is just visit the homepage of the Filmyzilla website and under the South Indian movie section you can find Ratsasan movie. 

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Ratsasan Movie Download in Tamilrockers

The Psychological Thriller Ratsasan movie produced by G. Dilli Babu is easily available to download on the familiar website. The most popular website to download any South Indian movie in Hindi dubbed version is Tamilrockers website. Ratsasan movie is also available to download and watch on Tamilrockers site. 



The most celebrated 2018 Tamil movie Ratsasan has entertained the audience with its suspense aura. Ratsasan movie is available on several websites where you can easily download the movie with the desired resolution. There is a buzz that Ratsasan is going to have a sequel, so if you are looking to enjoy the sequel then make sure to download and watch the first part of Ratsasan movie available on Filmyzilla, Tamilrockers, Kuttymovies, and Vegamovies.

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